Market and Distribution Expansion

Market and Distribution Expansion

Promoting Sustainable Growth

Patpatia & Associates helps insurance companies adapt to changing consumer demands and access new markets. We work with clients to improve revenue dynamics by both identifying underserved segments and reworking product offerings & marketing practices. We also help our clients implement integrated distribution systems, ensuring access to customers at all possible touchpoints.

Our strategies include:

Customer-focused solutions packaging customized products, services, and marketing across segments (e.g. pre-retiree, elder market, wealth management)

• Establishing complementary sales channels, including financial institution, worksite, and affinity markets

Digital sales transformation empowering agents via integrated in-person and online customer engagement, as well as developing self-service robo-distribution models

Data-driven marketing, applying big data and analytics to inform sales engagement and value-added advice delivery

Sales force performance improvement with programs to develop field productivity, migrate agents up-market, and guide change management for relationship-based servicing