Research & White Papers

Research & White Papers

Insurance Companies Alternatives Analytic: Spring 2016

Based on wide-ranging interviews with insurance company investment executives, this extensive report analyzes insurer’s growing usage of alternative asset classes, with a particular focus on hedge funds.

2015 Insurance Asset Management Analytic – A Bridge to Corporate Profitability

Download this 150-page, in-depth exploration of insurance asset management industry trends.

Next Generation Managed Advice: Spring 2015

Developing lifetime relationships & UMH programs through advanced wealth solutions, advisory experiences, operations, and technologies.

Alternative Investments in Insurance: Spring 2015

Read about the increasing utilization of alternative investments in insurer general accounts.

Insurance Asset Management Market Dynamics 2014: Market Summary

Learn about emerging trends in the insurance asset management marketplace, as well as their implications for insurance companies and asset managers, in this white paper based on key findings from Patpatia & Associates’ 2014 Insurance Asset Manager Report.

2013-2014 Insurance Company Analysis Report

See a sample of our 2013-2014 Insurance Company Analysis Report (ICAR), which includes in-depth business and investment information for 250 of the largest insurance companies in the United States. Please contact us at for more detail on the full report.

Reeingineering the Client Experience for Improved Asset Gathering

Learn how leading financial institutions, from brokerages to banks and insurance companies, are remaking themselves as customer-centric purveyors through enhanced communications strategies, channel development, planning-based client engagement, total wealth solutions, and innovative wealth technologies.

Wealth Management Fixed Income Study

Learn more about the July 2013 study conducted by Patpatia & Associates which analyzes the fixed income marketing, pricing, and support practices of wealth management channels.

2012 Insurance Asset Management Market Dynamics

Review the latest installment of Patpatia & Associates’ analysis of the asset management practices of U.S. insurance companies and the money management firms that serve them, which was conducted in conjunction with Thomson Reuters. The study includes an evaluation of insurance company investment trends, as well as profiles of the varied managers targeting the insurance industry.

European Insurance-Driven Investments

Learn about the expanding market of insurance assets in Europe, with profiles detailing the leading insurance asset managers. The study includes insurance’s role in Europe’s wealth markets and insurer’s investment practice.

Advice-Embedded Solutions

Find out how a broad array of wealth managers are deploying new liability-driven managed money platforms, including retirement income vehicles.

Liability-Driven Investments – Investment Strategy & Benchmarking

Learn about the market leading approaches to risk-managed investment strategy and benchmarking, as firms increasingly need to formalize their investment policies, enhance risk management, and improve business line and corporate profitability.