Customer Experience


Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Changing from Transactional to Trust-Based Relationships

Both investors and regulators are demanding that advisors and firms provide recommendations that are in the client’s “best interest” (i.e. fiduciary), rather than simply facilitate transactions. Firms can use this movement as an opportunity to position themselves and their advisors as valuable, continuous resources for investors and their financial well-being.

Services and solutions we provide to help firms with this transition include:

Coordinated in-person advisor and digital interaction – we design business models where both the advisor and digital tools play discrete roles in the client relationship, and help with public branding and advisor guidance to avoid disintermediation concerns

Customer lifecycle management – we help segment clients by servicing need and identify key engagement “moments” to improve customer satisfaction and increase cross- and up-selling

Sales force enhancement – we develop strategies and programs (e.g. training, teaming, incentives) to help advisors & field management offer better customer experiences and build stickier relationships