Offerings and Advice Experiences

Offerings and Advice Experiences

Building a Relationship, rather than Making a Sale

Both investors and regulators are demanding genuine trusted advisors, and pushing out “salespeople”. Firms can help advisors provide trusted (fiduciary) advice by positioning products to match individuals’ financial goals, and changing the sales process into a relationship building experience, where the advisor makes recommendations specific to what he or she has learned about the investor.

Ways we help include:

Designing advice-embedded offerings and liability-driven portfolios, to better match with the objectives of individual investors (e.g. retirement, education)

Standardizing product suites (e.g. pricing, features, compensation) to increase transparency, simplify communication with the investor, and ease upselling over the lifetime of the relationship

Implementing new, training, workflows and tools (e.g. financial planning, CRM) to naturally guide advisors towards prudent client discovery and demonstrably “best interest” recommendations

Creating digital presence for the firm and advisor to be continuous, on demand resources in investors’ lives, rather than ad hoc, transaction facilitation tools